The San Francisco Fallacy: Live Webinar w/ Jonathan Siegel

The San Francisco Fallacy: Live Webinar w/ Jonathan Siegel

Jonathan Siegel, the serial entrepreneur and investor I interviewed about the serial entrepreneur mindset and selling SaaS companies, finally published his book The San Francisco Fallacy: The Ten Fallacies That Make Founders Fail.

I’ve waited almost three years for this book to come out and couldn’t be more excited to announce we’re hosting a private webinar with Jonathan to discuss his approach to entrepreneurship, his new book, and give you a chance to ask him the biggest questions on your mind.


About Jonathan

Jonathan thinks differently than 99% of the entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and makes a lot more money than them too. He started with nothing and sold multiple companies for tens-of-millions of dollars each. Now, he runs more than five companies which he will grow and sell with his rinse and repeat approach.

I know how Jonathan thinks because I worked with him for the past four years as an investor in Javelin and Lean Startup Machine. Whenever I came to Jonathan with a challenge, his response was to open up spreadsheets and dashboards from his companies and SHOW me the DATA behind what worked for him. The level of detail, discipline, and rigor Jonathan puts into building his busineses is exceptional and eye-opening even for experienced entrepreneurs.


This Book

Jonathan’s advice has made a huge difference for our company over the years, so I’m confident his book will make a difference for your company.

At it’s heart, Jonathan’s new book is about the flaws of the Silicon Valley “model” of building a startup and how it leads to entrepreneurs wasting their most precious years on the wrong things. Jonathan writes from experience and covers the mistakes, failures, and successes he’s made as an entrepreneur and investor.

Jonathan’s book is entertaining, enjoyable, and will suck you in from the beginning. By the end, you’ll be questioning everything you know about building startups.


Special Webinar

Because I love this book so much and it flies directly in the face of the mainstream Silicon Valley “model” we see today, I asked Jonathan to join us for a live webinar and Q&A session.

This private webinar will give YOU the chance to ask him YOUR questions and also get a signed copy of the book from Jonathan himself.

  • What: Live Webinar with serial entrepreneur and investor Jonathan Siegel
  • When: Wednesday, June 28th from 9pm-10pm US Eastern Time
  • Who: Limited to 30 people so that everyone who wants to ask a question will have a chance to
  • Cost: $75 includes signed copy of the book The San Francisco Fallacy: The Ten Fallacies That Make Founders Fail, as well as a digital PDF copy


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Stay Lean,


Trevor Owens

CEO, Javelin

Founder, Lean Startup Machine


PS. Jonathan Siegel’s official bio

JONATHAN SIEGEL is the founder of RightCart, RightSignature, and RightScale. He is chairman and founder of Xenon Ventures, which specializes in the acquisition, acceleration, and exit of high-margin Software as a Service companies. He spent ten years as the founder and CEO of ELC Technologies, a Ruby on Rails consultancy, which was acquired in 2010 by PriceGrabber’s Kamran Pourzanjani. He also has a sideline as the founder of a chain of Irish pubs on the West Coast, Brendan’s. Following the mantra, “If something is important, do it yourself,” he is a patent author, a licensed real estate broker, a licensed contractor, a FAA-certified flight instructor (MEI, CFII fixed wing land), a certified helicopter private pilot, and a certified commercial jet pilot (EA50). He has lived in Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dublin, and Tokyo with his wife and a growing number of Irish-American children (currently eight).

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