Become Javelin’s Chief Operating Officer

Become Javelin's Chief Operating Officer

At Javelin, our goal is to build the world’s greatest company. We’re known by hundreds of thousands of innovators globally for Lean Startup Machine, but soon we’ll be known by millions for our software. Javelin will be the catalyst for entrepreneurs and innovators who redefine entire industries. Just like Github fostered an explosion in open source, Javelin will foster the creation of the next Apple, Facebook, and Google. The millions of entrepreneurs we help will help many many millions more.

To be a good fit for Javelin, you need to believe that great success comes from overcoming great adversity. Personally, I’ve been through hell and back. We found Problem/Solution Fit early on with Lean Startup Machine, but getting to Solution/Product fit has taken us three years, four products, and $5M in funding and blood/sweat/tears. When everyone expected us to give up, we didn’t, instead we smashed through every wall in our way.

We’re now on the verge of Product/Market Fit and the market is right where we want it. We wrote the book on Lean Enterprise in 2014. Back then, it was too early for the enterprise. Today, it’s a different situation. Javelin is known as a thought leader and the world’s biggest companies like Microsoft and CA Technologies are banging down our door to get access. We’re at the dawn of an enterprise innovation renaissance.

Our biggest need now, is to bring on the Completer/Finisher who can organize the chaos I create as a world-class experimenter and radical leader. This person will be one of the biggest leaders in Javelin and help us build a company that will change the world. Ideally this person has been through the startup experience before, as a Founder or early employee. But we’ll consider any hyper-organized, scrappy, and brilliant individuals. In addition this person should:


  • 5+ years of impressive work experience, including 2+ years in founding team of a startup
  • History of accomplishment or overcoming adversity
  • Be a chairman, driver, and/or completer/finisher (link to 5 min test)
  • Be a details person
  • High quantitative and analytical skills
  • Ability to create, execute, and iterate a plan over multi-month period
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Deep understanding of business from a financial standpoint
  • Scrappy and willing to win at all costs


  • Help build one of the greatest companies of all time
  • Work hands on with the CEO and Founder
  • Serve entrepreneurs and innovators who are inventing the future
  • Significant equity and reasonable (stable) salary package
  • Never be bored; tackle new challenges everyday


  • Devise and manage monthly strategic plan and company goals
  • Track metrics and hold team accountable
  • Gather data to understand if our strategy is working
  • Track company financials until we bring on CFO
  • Participate in key sales calls and meetings
  • Streamline processes and operations
  • Streamline our massive workshop business

Our Investors and Advisors Include

  • Jonathan Siegel
  • Mark Suster (Upfront Ventures)
  • Laurel Toby
  • Eric Ries
  • Dave McClure (500 Startups)
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • David Cohen (Techstars)
  • Hiten Shah
  • Ben Yoskovitz
  • Brant Cooper
  • Zach Nies
  • Nicole Glaros (Techstars)
  • Mark Solon (Techstars)
  • Jason Saltzman
  • Parker Thompson
  • Obie Fernandez (technologist)
  • Simon Marcus
  • Alfredo Osorio
  • Scot Chisholm
  • Farb Nivi
  • David Williams

How to Apply

Send me a tweet @TO or email me Trevor [at] with your background and why you’re interested in this role. Our company already has significant revenue and backing. If you’re a good fit I am more than happy to share all financials with you at the onset so you can evaluate the opportunity. I expect the same transparency from you.

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