1-On-1 Startup Coaching (Limited Time Offer)

1-On-1 Startup Coaching (Limited Time Offer)

Does your startup need help with any of the following?

-> Raising money from investors

-> Validating a new business idea

-> Monetizing a new product

-> Measuring Product / Market Fit

-> Growing an Existing Business

-> Product Design / User Experience

Over the last seven years, my co-founder and I personally mentored thousands of entrepreneurs inside and outside of our three-day intensive Lean Startup Machine workshops.

Not only have we helped other entrepreneurs overcome these issues, we’ve overcome them multiple times in our own businesses.

We built Lean Startup Machine into a global, multi-million dollar revenue business. We got accepted to an accelerator program that takes less than 1% of the teams who apply (Techstars NYC 2013). We raised $2M in Venture Capital from A-List investors before we had a product with proven traction in the market. We built, launched, marketed, and generated revenue for the multiple apps over the years.

I’m not saying this to brag. Actually, it’s embarrassing how many mistakes and pivots we had to make.

My point is we’re not just consultants–we’re entrepreneurs like you. We understand how hard it is to build a real business and what it actually takes. We can share with you the specific steps we took to solve the problems you are going through.

So if you’re working on a startup, I’m sure you’re dealing with some major challenges right now. We’re here to help.

We’re offering 10 startups the opportunity to be coached by us 1-On-1. The cost is $300 for a one-hour session.

Think about how many startups waste time and money on the wrong product, the wrong marketing, or by hiring the wrong person. Most don’t realize it until it’s way too late. Our coaching has helped startups both save and make thousands of dollars in just an hour.

If you already are have all the help you need or you’re not that serious about building your business yet  — this coaching is not for you. We will be most helpful to committed entrepreneurs who are looking for an extra boost to reach their goals faster.

We’re offering this service super cheap, because we want to make it affordable for entrepreneurs.

However, we do have limited time, so we can only offer this to the first 10 startups who sign-up.

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Entrepreneurs Who Participated in Our 1-On-1 Coaching Say:

“A very effective hour of insights, real life experience, and advice from a savvy entrepreneur. Very practical information to help you move forward.”

“You’ve earned my trust.”

“Gave me a better understanding of the journey to fundraising and the best way to handle it.”

“I have a new understanding of how investors would look at my model.”

“This gave me clarity and has helped me on my journey.”

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