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Trevor Owens

“ I help entrepreneurs and innovators fail fast, so they can succeed faster. ”

Hello, welcome to my personal website. For my "official" conference bio, go here: Trevor Owens Bio. For speaking inquiries, see my profile with the Washington Speakers Bureau.

I never intended to be in the business of helping other businesses. In 2008, I pursued every resource I could find on entrepreneurship in order to better myself and find answers for previous failed ventures. Dave McClure was the one who introduced me to the work that Eric Ries was doing called "Lean Startup." Little did I know I would spend the indefinite future contributing to this community.

Unlike today, there were no books or movement, the community was loosely connected through blogs. Eric's idea that "most successful startups pivot," is still somewhat controversial to this day, but in the beginning it flew in the face of what was being taught in top business schools (including the one I attended). So in 2010, I organized the first Lean Startup Machine workshop to test out Eric's ideas with a group of fifty other entrepreneurs.

The results of the workshop were profound. In three-days people learned more about their businesses than in year-long business plan competitions. We were all amazed by how different our assumptions tended to be from the reality of what customers want. Even after this epiphany, I shelved the workshop series while requests to bring it to other cities continued to come in.

Eventually, in 2012, I gave in and went full-time on Lean Startup Machine. Since then we have hosted hundreds of trainings in places as far as Africa and for companies as big as the US Postal Service. My work helping big companies understand the entrepreneurial process led to me publish a book called The Lean Enterprise.

As I said at the beginning, I get excitement from playing the game--not coaching from the sideline. So most of my time today is spent practicing what I preach. This past fall, we used our own methods to release our first successful software product: QuickMVP. It uses one of the simplest methods to test new business ideas quickly without wasting money on development. So that's me in a nutshell. If you've read this far, I really appreciate you coming to my site. You can learn more about my work by watching the videos below and feel free to engage with me on Twitter.

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"Owens has a framework for empowering the greatest entrepreneurial talent to thrive inside an organization." -Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit


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"Owens shows us how corporations can leverage lean startup methods to drive innovation." -Professor Eisenmann, Harvard Business School


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